This  web site based on  the real reason 4 our being , and how it can be done in all fairness to mankind cultures,   my two books amazon purchase out line how i came to my logic reason for our life, , Bits and Pieces.Life Biggest JigSaw Puzzle , unravel all pieces from our family tree in words . unspoke and spoken verbally    and   Life Most Complex Problems, My starter book,   by putting to words my wonders my thoughts things i seen by vision , and researched , and my theories of how it can be. or was,  main points, god made us in his image to help him with his plan that was -is to conquer the whole universe (remember)as children tied up in ever day education rights wrongs and our wonder of the reason 4 our being gets put aside, forgotten  Even when in retirement we didnt realize that what comes in on us is our past mistake words wisdom , causes ill health forgetfulness , and confusion. in thinking, , so to write down what we remember when it comes back at us,  LIKE WHEN I WAS YOUNG i ALWAYS WONDER WHY thier was white and black skinned people, iT WASNT UNTI I WAS 40 YEARS OLD THE ANSWER CAME TO ME, now I fully understand the culture different colours ,There a sound barrier between ever cultures  as colour from universe is different one path  , my believe is we had it all before , made a mistake and broke universe of wisdom around all emeditate planets . apart  and had to start from scrath again we believe 4 times in all we got thus far, couldnt understand how to proceed, just going around and around chasing our tails,  there is  a way it can be done on levels  of understanding , first go to jesus life part on earth. Were one told truth corrected past mistake in them selves against other, , after jesus of understanding , we travel into spiritual world, and come to a place, and god ask for what reason should I let you into heaven, what one answer is were god send back to a level to improve further, understand and teach others , as we go we balance out the weather, THIS IS THE WAY GODS USES OLD WORD GOOD BAD AND NASTY , THEY ALL GOT A WISE WISDOM MEANING , SOME ARE UNSPOKEN WORDS OF PAST As they say a picture tell thousand words, its true by my making web site  projecting my wisdom knowledge, and old times saying by words pictures,  All ways keep open my when talking or a converstion with others, as there always be something in what they say they one can improve own knoledge of reason 4 our being