ONE CAN NEVER PUT A YOUNG HEAD ON OLDER PERSON SHOULDER. 

                                                             WITH NO RHYME NOR REASON 

    Once next generation learns this, they start getting it right those old-time saying there a reason our parents forefather mothers said them, and that  was to learn the wisdom of them on levels we can go over the top underneath or barge through middle before our time, else we bring stuff in on ourselves our mind can, t handle , and creates an action against other.     It’s called  cleaning one’s body not one’s mind this causes one to create a selfish path for themselves and other to follow them.  is well knowing  path, we taken time after time in history and getting nowhere.  Fortunately, gods got his big book up in the  sky, he has ever thing we think say  and do , written in the stars, good and the bad, and  written into the clouds  for further corrections  understand the wisdom of our action down generation to comes. the more we correct in this life the less the next will have to correct. Our words form the clouds storms  weathers patterns IF we go  too far in any one direction before our time will bring the elements from the universe in on earth. Do we understand the full meaning of: cleaning one body not their minds >  a spiritual meaning is selfish one race ahead before their time? the one causing others health problem, is we act out   washing, our bodies, the material one we wash ourselves? Basically when writing this all down I realize I’ve put some same sentence more than once, by doing this it show that one has improve further one the paragraphs , with a different angle, This is what happens in life when we repeat our self in next breath one would of expanded it with added words of improvement. So, if same sentence come back at one, take note if the next part is different with other part wisdom added,  as first time round only part of sentence second time could be full sentence of travel,

OUR mistakes and lives all at a standstill. (stop.  Start. Listen. Listen without interrupting )  (always keep open mind on other conversations.)

Old time saying , songs, nursery rhymes, all got lost in our confusion of how to proceed. These were said for a reason, as the full sentence of what they knew got spilt up, around others. Words changed ; therefore, we go up down in same spot. Not improving god’s wisdom words path and blocking his view of messages down to us on levels. The bible states go back to what one first knew, BIRTH. Start again and come back to gods on way back up. First go to Jesus . by correcting all blame and past mistakes against others. (that mistake in front of one, most are childish, action.)  We take these into adult hood and apply then to others without realizing the blocks of gods view down to us . once one has their negative part personality under control then venture back out to the gods above. And understand the wisdom of the past mistakes yourself and fore father and mothers. 


 Over centuries Scottish -English have been correcting past mistakes against each other family trees.   Down family trees . some chapter in bible don’t represent the family tree unless a child marries into the cultures. Psalms, to revelations where I find my answer to unravel this big jig-saw puzzles, the verses match words I’ve heard as child growing up , we got so far in our family tree of both side parents, wisdom words. But came to a stand still and wanted material possessions. On ground level. This over year’s block gods view as we got entangle into each other lives block our view to gods. 

Till now we have found the answer where we went wrong . this way can be done in all fairness to all mankind and cultures, with technology we can catch up for lost time around the world to every culture on level to help balance weather. Gods never went to women with wisdom of universe they always went to man. First, the men to women      women to children . this is because they keep balance down to children until mind ready to handle adults meaning. But over time the men put women in front of them , said women first, in doing so they lost the spiritual connection to the gods on how and what to touch and what come down generation. Men are the logical worker outer. And  women role was to keep balance in front  of men on all levels. without talking. Spiritual as god did down to people. Trust was the most important thing we kept in our lives, (trust without waving.)there a big difference from giving a man not their husband,  the come on. Or talking business in wisdom words way for next levels. This is, was, the important man- women in our lives. Love comes  from the heart not the mouth.  Men spoke  with firmness  And guidance of love around other was paramount, to keep  balance nature,   but as part of the primitive time still filtering in down to generations, we need the view to gods spiritual messages to open up down to us again. 

These  words of past saying. Got said in spits and starts as we lost ability to bring in full sentence.  So, our old time saying got said hoping next generation could fill in the lost pieces. But over centres they too got lost in our words. . Now we found a way  how it can be done. So, saying like. Running around in circles getting nowhere, and dogs chasing own tail. What goes around comes around. We all knew we are doing something wrong but couldn’t find what.  Gods had to send down his wisest one to the pits hell to find the answers, to life most complex problems , and bring them up to surface to help other understand.  It’s  all like a big jig-saw puzzles all we do is put pieces together first in our own families then they to others on level understand. Now that we found a way people won’t need to go to pits hell to find answer any more, we just proceed where our parents left of, but don’t touch what not your before your time, and remember in all our action, gods have our words mistakes blame all written in heaven so one can’t race ahead with their mouth to be first. 

FIRST FACE TO FACE WITH JESUS , THEN FACE TO FACE WITH THE6 GODS THAT SURROUND OUR LIFE, AND FAMILY TREES, THELETTERS, C,O,V,I,D= COVER OVER  VISION  INNER DISTANCE,  VERSE 19 PSALMS. NOW THIS HAS ACCURRED IN OUR LIFE TIME, ( WORDS HAVE NO WINGS BUT CAN FLY FOR MILES,) IS THIS A PASY SENTENCE OF THE DEVILS WORK IN PAST CULTURES THAT’S BEING FLOATING AROUND IN THE VIRUS PASSAGE OF TIME did some one who raced ahead before one time place this on a level to confuse the way. To block another from stepping up level  or has that being deliberately planted in this life of business wisdom words, to prevent a block on other passage,  which ever way its being brought surface, and only can be improved for the better of people health wealth and wisdom. Or could been a genuine mistake that went out around cultures and as we all act out what come in on us when little if might being floating around for centuries and only now coming to surface, Also there might be other   small sentence like this one, that will open the wisdom words path to all cultures as we go balance the weather patterns that in cloud forms . the nursery rhymes have a adult meaning to the way the weather patterns can evolve, work out the adult meaning .  

Old saying. We reap what we sow.  And where ever one may be let our wise words go free ,     AND DON’T FORGET WHEN THEY(words) COME BACK IMPROVE ON THEM FURTHER,  REPETITION IN LIFE, OR SAME OLD SAME OLD, HISTORY REPEATS ITS SELF DOWN EVER GENERATION.  BUT our mistakes was we sat back on our morals, and didn’t know how to improve further on old time saying , the words of I said that he said that and I know, yelling in others faces what they said. But all in all, we didn’t improve on the path . material possessions got the better of our thoughts and we came to a stand still of the real reason 4 our being. 

And past time we didn’t know we had to balance out the element from the universe that created the weather patterns as we.  

God made us in his image to help him with his plan, that was to conquer the whole universe remember. CLOUD FORMATIONS WEATHER PATTERNS tHE WHITE HORSE. HONESTY.