30 Aug

Time to Laugh, Time to Cry, time to play, and time to work ,part of wisdom words, movement and thoughts that helps balance the weather, PEACOCK the main trunk and feathers that's spray a flip the wisdom words around over under and back to trunk, Same as the family trees we know so much , wise words rotate around, goes out to branches and back trunk the tree, we all on different levels understanding . what we don't understand get sent outer to the universe, and what we do understand goes down to our children to improve further,
then back up to parents then outer again,
these verse in bible explains just how to understand the deepest meaning to gods words of past and bring to the fore, the reason 4 meanings , 

the rays of the sun, mixes the energy force forms the balance of the weather,  with hot cold air healing power of the universe 

The white sun in its glory send a energy force through out the universe an to earth, TIME= 47=11=2.(47-2) for lord god above all gods, is awesome above words,, he is great god of all earth,, come all clap your hands
(11)revelations,- now I given a measuring stick told go out measure the temple, of god ,including the inner courts, but do not measure the outer courts as they have being turned over to the nations,.
MEANINGS the inner courts is where the gods ,rotate and work out the wisdom of the energy force before giving it to man to what's understood and send outer what still to be used.
up down our life span correction past,, present, mistakes that being laid on other from generations past and present,
A TIME TO CRY broken down in verse, CRY=46=10=1(46) god is our refuge. our strength a tested help, in times of trouble, (2) and we need not fear ever if the world blows up and mountain crumbles into the seas, let the oceans roar and seas foam. let the mountains tremble, (10) stand silent know that I am god ill be commander of heaven and is here among us.

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