08 Mar

the palm of the hand, .

finger tips  shapes in cloud forms,  images  that give patterns in the sky,  this how it all begins, our movements ,   words, thoughts,  anger tension,  all plays a part in  balancing out the weather.every thing we create in our minds , see by vision, all form image in the universe, ever thing created on earth does this and at some time our lives we see it,  

 one  acts, and feels ,not according to what things are really like, but according to the image  your mind  holds of what they are like.

If one has 6 people in a room , and say some sentence to them, each ones mind will determine what was said   differently ,  this is why we all travel through time like branches from a tree,  and our family tree got created by some understood the reason 4 our being, further ahead then others, so over time it put family on different levels which in turn causes the cloud formation thus far to,  separate and allow sunshine or rain .called gods pillars are strong in place. the moral behind this wisdom is the reason fore our being,   our words , our actions,  our  thoughts, all go up to our subconscious mind then when it returns to our conscious mind we act it our in words or deeds, but the wisdom that we work out goes out into universe, to another culture, they either improve on it, and when our mind ready to handle that level we our selves see the truth of these words


.as we still acting out the primitive days around each others, we haven't thought about waiting for right eternal partner, as relation ship doesn't last very long, this is because they rush ahead into a partner, whom not on same level understanding wisdom words levels.

 path to take is  wait for right eternal partner and both grow together,

and as they go they rotate the wisdom of our words,  up down and middle,   then we had the weather to balance out and only way for this to happen, is to   understand our mistakes against other from pastime until the present. , as we g teach it to our children, 

THE RESEARCH TELLS us  that man able to conquer anything in life, but they knew in there hearts of hearts that  we weren't create to grow old and die, that had to be a reason fore our being,  we found it, how it can be done in fairness too all mankind,

it was the wisdom words way, our words play a big part in understanding the true meanings of our lives,,  its all wisdom and has a place in time past present and the futures fore ever one, and we leave our primitive ways behind,

WE MUST HAD IT ALL BEFORE  AS IF MAN LIVED TILL HE WAS NEARLY 1,000   YEAR OLD . and women were having babies when they over 100 years old then the proof is we made a mistake, and broke the  look into the real reason fore our being,  stop turning a blind eye to the reality of life, before  Noah ark  days, floods,  or astoniod,    destroyed  earth  human life  , and we had to start from scratch again  , when people live to  7-8 -9 hundreds,  nearly thousand years old, how come our intelligent,has dropped so far down, the living ,staying alive,  In human form, if we had it al before  then we can have it all again ,    or words and what being or gets said is the most   important part, in keeping the  weather balance In the universe above our heads,  trying to hide  underneath young children, will not  solve any maturity to other,  only cause people to get smaller and the elements from the universe  cover and suffocate all earth thus far, ,, the elements from universe suffocated earth, the weather patterns are most important action in our lives today, to keep on levels, as we go

I would say that the nursery rhymes of  jack and the bean stalk  explains , how we first evolved in time, and comes from genesis in bible, what caused god to bring in extreme weather down on earth to kill off all human life, as we were doing it all wrong , we were acting out pats of time that god said was not to be touched,, that was the fruits from the tree gods were saying not to touch, the fruit from the apple tree,  the fruits from wisdom  family tree only , and as we go improve on it, down generations, then back up to the parents,

           Well ill put my theory into this,  if we had it all before space ships, had gods wisdom words rotating to perfection sent the space ship further out, bring back what energy force ahead, before reaching out   further for wise words,, we     made a mistake we broke universe apart thus far as we gone, and regenerated again o earth, now  before that time god had a big suction from art up through universe when                                               he past present and futures

sucked us up to rest sent up and  back down again to work the tension energy force,  r past lives and words branch out to Venus mercury , mars.    around in a circle, between  sun,  Jupiter,  over earth  inside   all this is, area is energy force already party being own  family tree and understood  in wisdom  wise lived by humans an  past  around  own  family tree, and improved on  down generation,  if beginning time  gods had a big suck ion to higher ups  groups we rest other went down work  like do on   night shifts our words or actions our thoughts areal written in the universe from past times   living  night shift,,  the past present and futures

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