23 Aug

Cloud Formations of our words  and  movement which create the weather patterns  and unexplained wisdom of our fore father and mother wise saying,   all a stepping stone  to progress into the futures of understand how why and where,,

WISHING=(89=17=8(89) For ever and ever, I will sing to you  about your tender kindness,  of the lord,  your truth and wisdom is everlasting, enduring  as the heavens,  old time song=  FOREVER AND EVER. MY HEART WILL BE TRUE, (17) you are the strength, what glory our power is based on your favour,  yes our protection is from, the lord  himself and he the holy one, (8)commander of heavens armies, where is there a mighty one as you faithfulness is your very character,,

all our action from day we born represents apart in  bible,    so once we have theories , our mind opens up to a knew way of thinking, that can help and benefit ever one, the  more we understand and improve on  the wisdom words  of our time the more we open up heavens,,, how it can be done in fairness to all mankind,

to see the wood for the trees, means our family trees the  trunk  is the stem of all futures survival, and this planet,

Write down the words that make one feel depressed that come in on to one,    put to a side or one can check out the verses in  the bible,  match words to them, and understand we all get parts bible coming in onto us from  centuries and centuries of the bible being read for years as generation come along words got change,  and real meaning got lost, along the way,  words are our most valuable possession, in balancing out the weather ,as  words congregate in universe causes extreme weather patterns, if not spaced out

the wishing bone,   

These words if we don't have a plan for  them in our minds  will cause depression,, and if we use to  getting our own  way and stamping feet don't work we get depressed, an when a child sulking usual got one own way,,  most people don't grow up, as getting what they want   is not adult stuff,  o they run around in childish passage in their own childhood fin out were and when they got what they want,   now ere how it can be done,   our subconscious minds work flat tack on truth,    our conscious mind gets it wrong,    when some one give an answer to something,  we ask  our minds tell  us that no the answer one wanted, so confusion  sets in,    my dad always said (ONE SHOULD NEVER PLAY WTH ANOTHERS MIND  )(SO    TRUE) ,write down regardless what ones thinking , on  paper put    it to the side   any questions,  always wonder bout things life wisdom even words,   an one day the answer come to  one in full sentence not in halves, half pie sentence comes on us,  Its that causes confusion  depressions as  it cause e a   block in our   thinking and we can,,t    find the answer we looking for ,   as these  action    an words cling to our waist like a belt  through out our live ,what we think is what comes  in on us,  children are taught a young ago have a ego where they the best.   this shape there lives , f no understanding others ,but if we taught  to keep open mind about ever day thing and life   the answer to  what we really want to understand will flow through,  and Add to dictionary will disappear,   as our question  bout life and reason for  our beings i being answer  as we go, swell working towards something conductive about   life, this how i handle my us and don m ever day thinking, PUT PEN TO PAPER have ones own theory, as all theories at good an will have  place in time o b used and improve on  

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