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kissing cousins the clouds formation shapes of two people kissing kiss of life wait for right eternal partner these images of cloud formations are for purchase at small price of 10 for 5$ sales

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build your theory every theory is  an important one and belongs in the clouds some where until needed          VISION   THEORY     WORDS  WISDOM   PASSAGE IN TIME    

from day we born  from  ever thing we say and do  clings to our waist like a belt,  and sometime in our lives our action will return  mostly when we older,   if we corrected our past mistakes in our children,      then in older years we understand the wisdom words as                        It comes back at us, then in time it go down to our children  to improve further, and so on ; up and down the family tree,   branching out to and fro   like a swaying branch    improving all the way  branch out with own family trees wisdom  words   every theory is important   some where along the track it be needed

       cloud formation images for purchase   Ever cloud has a silver lining,      so what does this mean the clouds important  part of next generations to help balance the weather patterns as we go  



 LAND=  31=4=(31)    I trust in you alone,  don,t let my enemies defeat me, rescue me because you are  the god who always does right  (4) pull me from the trap my enemies have set for me  for you alone are strong enough. into your hand I command your spirit.

REVELATIONS(4)   Then I looked and saw a door standing open  in heaven  and same voice heard before  sounded like a mighty blast

 spoke to me and said come up here   and ill show you what must happen  in the future  to come,  PAST  PRESENT AND FUTURES                             THIS WEB SITE I PUT IN WRITING OF WHAT MUST HAPPEN, FOR ALL MANKIND SURVIVAL ON THIS PLANET,.  what i saw by vision,  

AIR=           18-9(18)=     lord how I love you as you have done tremendous things for me, the lord is my fort where i can enter  be safe,  no one can follow me  in and slay me (9)  he bent the heavens down  came to my defense  thick darkness  was beneath his feet .

    REVELATION = (18) after all this another angel came down from heaven  and earth grew bright with his splendor (9) then the firth angel blew his trumpet  and saw who was fallen to earth  from heaven  and she was given the key  to bottom less pit. 

SEA=   25=7-(25)  To you oh lord I pray  don,t fail me now  lord for I am trusting you  don,t let my enemies succeed  ,  don,t give them        victory over me,  (7)   Over look my youthful sins, (learn from ones mistakes )   look at me instead with  eyes  of mercy  and forgiveness,     and ever lasting  love and kindness (7)   then i saw 4 angels standing at the 4 corner   of the earth  holding back 4 winds for blowing  and oceans became as smooth as glass.  

SKY=    55-10-1=(55)  listen to my prayer  oh lord  don,t hide yourself  when i cry to you hear me  listen to me , for I am gloomy and weep beneath  my burden of woes,  (10)   then they patrolled the walls day and night against invaders,   their

 real problems eternal    wickedness,  dishonesty, entrenched in their hearts ,  of the cities, and family trees on levels understanding

REVELATIONS=10)  then I saw another angel coming down from heaven  surrounded by a cloud with a rain bow  over his head his face shone  like the sun ,   his feet flashed like fire  in his hand held small scroll  he set his right foot  on the sea, his left foot on the land  (splits)  (split open rocks)   

(1)This book unveils  some of the future activities  things to come  in the life Jesus Christ,   gods permitted him to reveal these things  to his peoples     that he saw by vision, to help them into the future times ahead,

                     In these verse its say of the coming of all mankind to work together and help balance out the cloud formations,   as to prevent the elements from universe suffocating earth  we have the wisdom power  of our words to prevent he worst happening,  god made us in his image to help him with his plans, to conquer the whole universe as we go into our travels through time  WE found the way on how it can be done in fairness to all mankind