JOIN BY EMAIL and help unravel life most complex problems, its like a big jig saw puzzles all we do is put pieces together the right way down family tree first, then across to keep gods pillars in place the more we learn the more our bodies heal, the more we space out the weather patterns GODS send us messages all the time but our conscious mind determines it differently , but in the end we come together at top send it out then bring back what we understand down to our children , we only touching the tip ice berg on this ongoing as gods said I ,m the Beginning the End the FIrst the Last From 1-9 From A-Z use the alphabet to follow my path through time

  • Date: 25/02/2018 05:06
  • Location: energy force universe cloud formations
  • More Info: its all wisdom words and has a place in time when it be needed to balance weather

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the energy  force of the different culture  , there a sound barrier between each cultures  as lived in different parts time   wise words dont  take the light out day by going to far in wrong direction before our time,  learn from our mistakes against  other   , then understand the wisdom of them reason 4 our being    life most complex problems