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When we look at whole picture words wisdom energy fore an our vision of life action looks like a crust burnt toast, what if Jupiter is the middle core a what we call heaven inside IS Jupiter gods big head from rest of his body surrounding planets over sun across what's the plug looking thing on out side Jupiter did we tell god plug his mouth so he plug shut the opening to outside Jupiter, god made us in his image Above Jupiter they say whitey blues aura energy force so what I god head same s ours with a hole at the top like ours he spurt out unexplained wisdom keep understood inside around other life if at all I believe thee aliens will be inside Jupiter gods sat on his big chair we went over the top of him underneath him and against him to hide our mistakes and by pass him, this put the edge on sides of all planets A rock hard place ( saying goes-) this base on theory vision words, old saying The energy force around Jupiter partly done weather patterns have they ever seen anything like a hole at top Jupiter like so in humans god spurts rubbish out over top in the hole in his head ended up creating life again on earth peace on earth as in heaven If they AND god his wisdom words way rotating around in heaven to perfection then its up to us to find our way back to him ,, by dong same here on earth as they do in heaven this is based on theory, vision, words , wisdom, old, saying, all the words we speak and say has wisdom meaning to them, and has place in time to help us understand what we had and can have again, we must balance out the weather as we go, Or the elements from the universe will suffocate earth again, we can all have theory and help others to see future, into he future what's inside Jupiter heaven, perfection of wisdom words, life after death I saw something y vision naked eye === my astral flying past, present, ahead to future how it can be done., In fairness to all mankind,== I was given a peek, message from gods that was to balance out weather patterns with our words, deeds, actions thoughts, Its all goes up form clouds the answer all around us just need bring them to surface as the vision come back to me I put it thus far into a web site so other can improve further what goes around comes around, When it come back improve future and next generation improve further on in time the more we learn understand he more we open up the universe passage in time we all wonder about life from day we born and its this wonder that up their in gods big book waiting to bring right answer down t those whom wonder about our being and life passage in time , this IS == FOOD FOR THOUGHT EVER THEORY IS HAS PLACE IN TIME, branch out back to trunk milky way gods sending us messages all the time on our next move, or wisdom , but only when a person minds ready to handle the wisdom . don,t over load ones brain with to much info , or it cause stress to our bodies just enough then where ever one may be let your wise words go free when it comes back improve further, based on vision, theory and words fore father mothers,

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THE REASON 4 OUR BEING   I write this from vision ,  my own life experiences,   values taught as child,   and all wonder i, WONDER about from when young,  what ive learnt in raising 4 children ,  there just had to be more to our lives then what we perceived it to be, and there is,   by having theory on wisdom of words and what we think gods words wisdom is  our parent old time saying, old time songs and nursery rhymes, all give us the answer to which path we want to take, as we branch out in our family tree, first. then into the trunk to our older back out again  bring in to our elder the wisdom of what we don,t understand can give them the ability to work it out further with gods help then back to the youngsters, back fro, as we go.   .

Jupiter  the blue energy force around top  of   does it have a hole at the top   puff   rubbish wisdom out  came down on earth and we still primitive in understand it      the hole in top our heads   god made us in his image  is it gods head he got so big protecting us he burst into pieces   first ever god    (spiritual god) based on theory vision   his spiritual images protect earth and  surrounding planets from  going to far  into wrong  direction be fore our time    he also bend down his head to protect all his human life tucked us under his wing  to protect us  , more food for thought   wonder the next step to wisdom.

                        Never a truer word spoken:IF THE LORD HAD NOT BEEN ON THE OUT SIDE, THEN  THEN THE LORD NOT BEEN ON OUR SIDE,

                            We would been swallowed up , alive, by our enemies,  destroyed  by there anger,  we would been  drowned,  beneath the floods of these wo-men  fury and pride,   


arrived at=  by=   health, wealth,  love,  wisdom,  god, earth, weather, partner, money,  = H,W,L,W,G,E,W,P,M,= 130-13=4   number four angels surround earth balancing the 4 seasons.

               130=) lord from the dept of despair,  lord if you keep in mind,   our sins then who can get  on answer to our prayer,  but you why  i wait expecting of   trusting god to help.   for he has promised  I long for him more then sentiment, long for the dawn,  I hope as lord is our salvation , he himself  shall ransom  from our slavery

MEANINGS=  lord keeps in mind of our sins, we be forgiven, but as population grew  world wide, and our mind need to know more about how to survive,  gods wisdom of our words  was made use of 

   when asked in verse i,m trusting god for help. this is the help god has in futures to come and how it can be done, in fairness to all mankind,    but god had to wait until    society minds could handle how to    improve future on reason 4 our being.

        the answer are all in the bible as one can see, of how its made easy   on unraveling the wisdom words way,  as society was are running around each other doing saying say thing and repeating past mistakes over and over again with out improving on past wise saying and words,   god come to us with arm loads of wisdom   and where ever one may be let wise words go free as god got plans for all words action deeds sins , it all congregates above our heads into cloud forms,     and creates the weather, now in this day age our goal is to balance out the weather and use the wisdom words to keep gods pillars strong in place so elements of universe dosen,t suffocate  the earth as has done in past time and we had to start from scratch again .

                    Each time we go so far the element from universe suffocated earth and kill of all life , we regenerated again over time.